Saturday, April 6, 2013


A SIDE: "I am so fucking depressed"
B SIDE: "I just want to make you happy"

Ok. So this is a little late going up but via Dropbox Alli and I made a little mix tape to cheer ourselves up. 

Sometimes life can seem like an infinite loop of disappointment and heartache, and sometimes you can find excitement and wonder in the sameness of your routine. Alli was feeling the latter, and I the former the week we made this, and then kind of flip-flopped a week later. 

On the train on the way to my day job a few weeks ago, I was listening to this mix, and feeling a little sad for myself, and the repetitive nature of being single and dating in the city. Everyday can seem like the same opening sequence, to the same episode about your life, over and over again, leading to the same work day, the same social interactions, eating at the same restaurant... And then one morning as I step out of the train I realize that the street exit from the underground Montgomery station that I take every day is blocked off for construction. 

At first I'm annoyed and then I take a few steps farther and realize that there is another exit that I have never taken in the 8 years that I have lived here. There is a little tunnel that does not immediately ascend to the street level, but takes me on a journey under Montgomery Street to Sutter, where it spits me out in front of an office building a whole block closer to my job than my normal exit. 

And suddenly I'm awed by my city and all the wonder that it can inspire. A little detour has restored my faith in adventure, that anything can happen, and that there are still some surprises left in the places that you think you know so well.

Here's our mix. There's some old stuff and some new stuff, and you can break-up or get-back-together to it, but in the end we just want you to be happy.

1. Happy Be Fine - Poli├ža
2. The Enemy - The Ravonettes
3. I Lost You - A Place To Bury Strangers
4. Breet - Film School
5. Strangers - Lotus Plaza
6. Your Love - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
7. Bulletproof Girl - Letting Up Despite Great Faults
8. To Love You - Rotkraft
9. Easier to Hide - Maya Jane Coles
10. Art of Progress - Work Drugs
11. Cherry - Chromatics
12. Feel Like a Child - Renny Wilson

Download Here!  (Right Click to Download)