Sunday, March 18, 2012



One of San Francisco's best kept secrets. DJ B-Love has been destroying Bay Area dancefloors for the last two decades. His eclectic style is powered by an arsenal of vinyl records and dance tracks accrued during his tenure at legendary SF record store Open Mind Music.

B-Love's newest residence at Neon Vinly is bringing the funk back to San Francisco's dance scene.


Known for their intricately crafted sets and impassioned live performance, Enso is clearly a duo who love what they do. Their energy never fails to infect the audience and keep them raging until long after the clubs close down. Blending together the gritty bass lines of electro with the sweeping melodies of progressive house, Enso is the musical project of DJ/Producers Derrick Calloway and Seth "Serka" Warrick. Enso broke into the scene in 2010 with his award winning remix of Sleigh Bells’ hit single “Run the Heart”. Since then, he has produced a series of tracks and has released his debut EP “Infinity” out Oct. 29, 2011 on Hollister Records.Listen to ENSO's Promo Mix for NEON VINYL here: